Storage operations

Storage and handling, sorting, goods settling and consolidation: full stock management services, deliveries, receptions, marchadise tracking in client’s system or our own system, configuration and storage empowerment

Packaging management

Planning, marking and labeling, repackaging, sorting, sizing and returnable circuits, maintenance and packages rental

The management of the delivery chain

The expedition house for collection, consolidation, combined international transports, crossdocking and customs operations, commercial documents issuance and reception, distribution

Related commercial services

Rental and brokerage of commercial, logistics and storage areas

Baza Logistica

  • Our own vehicle base - Brasov
    3.000 sqm of hall (vehicle storage, handling, maintenance), 780 sqm of offices, 31.000 sqm of land in Brasov (ownership)
  • Vectra International Shopping Center
    DN 1 - Brasov - 2.100 mp hall / offices (warehousing, marketing, presentation areas), 10.600 sqm of land (ownership)
  • RA-RA Logistic Storage
    Ghimbav DN 1 - 2.100 sqm of hall (goods warehousing and goods handling (rented)